USA / Angel Island

One of the clients I’m working with is a scent and flavouring company. So when we crafted the design story for them, we activated our olfactory library to emphatise. For me, the most pleasant memories usually involve pine, cedar and fern, which is what Angel Island smells like! Angel Island is an island in San Francisco Bay, California. San Francisco itself has… Continue reading USA / Angel Island


Carpet: Modern Peranakan Motifs

Recently I’ve fallen in love… with modern Chinese carpets. To be specific, Straits Chinese motifs.. and I blame Park Hyatt Saigon. Designed by Damansara Architects and EDC, Park Hyatt Saigon is a marriage of French Colonial architecture and Indo-China details. Though far from Peranakan style, the flora and fauna motifs on the floor coverings spark a close association to the rich details of Peranakan… Continue reading Carpet: Modern Peranakan Motifs