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#FFT: The Cabbie and His Family

I met an interesting cabbie on the way back who told me a lot of ‘truths’ I needed to hear. I took it with a grain of salt but I thought to share because Uncle Goh claimed himself to have appeared on public media, so maybe you may have seen it and could link it to me.

Uncle Goh’s three kids are perfect scorers, two were head prefects and in fact all are prefects. The children got along and even had a contingency plan in case Uncle Goh passed away. So I asked what’s the secret, and he said he’s blessed with a good wife.

He said his wife didn’t know a lot of things when she came to Singapore, so when she became pregnant he decided to gave up his demanding work to help her navigating around Singapore. He gave up his old job to became a cab driver, and his income dropped by 80%.

But he maintained it wasn’t a sacrifice, because if he had maintained his old lifestyle, the real sacrifice would be his newly formed family and time with his children.

Similarly when his children could’ve entered any brand school with their stellar results but long commute, Uncle Goh said he enrolled them to a school next door. His rationale was, if the children could spend the three hours sleeping or studying rather than commuting, wouldn’t it be better? True enough, his kids are the MOE posterchild, 8As and PSLEs top scorers in Singapore all without spending anything on tuition.

Of course there are many arguments that could run for and against this lifestyle. One I could think of is idolising academic results over others. But the interesting point he’s made is that when we pursue a certain lifestyle, we sacrifice the most valuable commodity of all, time. Is it worth it?

#Food for thought.


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