Taiwan / Kenting

My friend Elena and her husband are going to Kenting in June and she’s asking for places to visit. So…. Elena, this post is for you! 😀

When I went to Kenting I felt like I was transported to Kuta beach or somewhere in Greece yet also uniquely Taiwan. It’s a very laid back area that is famous for their beaches and music festival. I spent three carefree days there and it was awesome.

Hello Pacific Ocean!!!

Because Kenting is actually a name of a very long road at the south of Pingtung County. So naturally, a roadtrip! Rent a car or a motorbike and take a trip down the Highway 26. Stop along the road to explore the beaches, eat fresh seafood, stargaze or simply say hello to the Pacific Ocean!

Our rental bike – Portia!

There are so many other bloggers post on what to see at Kenting, so I’m not gonna do that. I’ll just write the most beautiful places I visited, which are:

Guan Shan (Mt. Guan)

Coffee with a view at Mount Guan
Birdhouse surrounded by pomegranate bush

It is a magical spot for sunset (as noted by CNN Travel). From our minsu at Nanwan, we biked along the road towards Guan Shan. We were told to visit Fude Temple, but we didn’t because there were a lot of tourists. Instead, we went to 關山田庄所在 which is to the south of the temple, along Shulin road.

Even though we didn’t go there during sunset (we felt the roads are too dark for bikers at night), 關山田庄所在 was still powerfully charming. I really enjoyed this place because there were so many to see! Apart from pomegranate and passionfruit bushes growing happily, there were also mischievous bunnies, hamsters and goats settled leisurely in their pens.

When we were there, there was a senior couple who just sat there and played Nino Rota from The Godfather theme. They enjoyed the melancholic afternoon breeze under a makeshift shade and closed their eyes. We happily followed along. How rich was that? I told myself, we have to be back to this magical place!

Houbihu Marina

Houbihu Marina along DongGang Road
Freshest catch of the day!

Seriously don’t eat anything before coming here because your belly will be pampered. The marina has a fish market that serves a wide variety of fresh seafood! It’s not everyday that I get to eat fresh catch of the day and that’s what we get here! They have loads of my favourites – Uni!!!

Longpan ParkIMG_0092

Longpan Park is one of the lookout spots along Route 26. It’s very scenic, windy and just liberating. In movies, this is one of the spots where you scream your lungs out to the ocean! Hello Pacific Ocean!!! And then contemplate on life. The drive from Nanwan to here is also very scenic, so just enjoy life!

Sea Pavillion at Eulanbi

The kissing rock at Eulanbi Park

If you go to Eulanbi Park, you’ll get to hike to many places to see a lot of stuff. The coral reef park is stunning. But I think the best spot to just chill and have a cold brew after a long hike is the Sea Pavillion. Try count the number of ships you see, it’s very zen!

Kenting Night Market

It’s one of the things you don’t wanna miss, you know? You might just happen to be there, or you decide to go there on purpose. But rain or shine, night markets in Taiwan are awesome so don’t miss this!

Where to stay?

I stayed at Southern Sun Homestay and I can’t recommend it enough. Here’s my review on Mind you it’s truly very far, but the view in the morning was worth it.

View from Southern Sun Homestay in the morning

If you prefer to go further up, a hip hotel we found was Hotel de Plus. The hotel is great for those who just prefer seclusion – but stay cool while doing so.

I’ve captured everything in a map so it’s easier for you to navigate! Click here.

How to get to Kenting

the best way to get to Kenting is by car!  If you’re going from Kaohsiung, there is an express bus (PT Bus) from Kaohsiung airport or Zuoying HSR station. You have to know where you’re staying because the bus stops at many different locations along Kenting road. Main Kenting Road/Beach is between Nanwan stop and Xiaowan stop. It is advisable to book the bus ticket ahead.

You can also hitch a ride with chartered taxi/ vans along with other passengers to go to Kenting. And the driver will drop you right at your hotel door.

But for a short trip, I’d skip all other options and rent a car instead. It will work out to be the most convenient and cheapest form of transportation if you add together the fares + motorcycle rent at Kenting. The cost breakdown can be viewed here.

Hope you enjoy Southern Taiwan, Elena! 🙂


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