France / Paris!

a.k.a. food souvenir to pack from Paris.

There are so many travel guide on Paris already, so I’m not about to write one. This post was actually meant for my friends at Airfrov (check them out!) on shopping for cheap(er) in Paris. But I really don’t like shopping. Rather than actually shopping I prefer to make a list of things to shop, you know?

But when my friend told me today that she’s going to Paris with her beau next month, it reminds me that I do have a few things from Paris that worth the extra gs in the luggage, food wise. I know right, how gratuitous. This is one of those #selfnote kind of post, but the upgraded, open source kind. The word is collaborative you see, if you have more things to add please comments below 😀

01. Bordier Butter (but you already know this!)


I actually spotted this serendipitiously at Marché Saint-Martin. If you ask me where to get it, I have to google. Unbeknownst to me, it’s one of the most raved butter by those food snobs (not you of course). It’s made with all kinds of whimsical spices, but I’ll say the best one is smoked salt. At 2 Euros each, get a slab, freeze and wrap them with newspaper the before your 14 hours flight the next day because otherwise life would be miserable without it.

02. Christine Ferber Raspberry Jam

Stacked like liquid gold on display at Le Bon Marche

At 8 Euros in a glass container, you’re weighing it heavy in your hand to shove it in the luggage. But I’m saying if there’s a ‘C’ worth buying in Paris, this would be it. It has to be because it tastes like pure happiness and Brad Pitt flew all the way to Alastian plains to find the jam fairy for Maddox. There’s actually a legit jam comparison from Le Figaro recently where Christine Ferber tops all, if you read french here. I got mine from Le Bon Marché.

03. Biscoff Speculoos Anything


I can actually get this in Singapore, but it’s those in small packages (250gr). At Carrefour, you can get them in various sizes. If the biscuits are not enough, they even have a cookie butter spread for it. Even if you don’t go to carrefour, normal monoprix have them.

04. Valrhona Chocolate Powder


Cost 10 Euro at Le Bon Marché. It’s quite hard to get in Singapore, only a few specialty stores carry it so I say stock them up if you’re into baking.

05. Maille Mustard


They have every permutation and variation of mustards and vinegars. At their boutique, you’ll see throngs of Chinese tourists queuing to get a taste. I mean, shame on me because I only know Dijon Mustard. But who knew that Raspberry is a mustard flavour? The creativity is endless and it opened my eyes to a whole new world. For those travelers, they’ll even pack your bottles individually so you can bring those pots safely home.


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