Germany / München



München is one of those cities I can imagine living in, even during winter months. The city is huge but not complicated like Stuttgart. It’s complex but still manage to exude warmth to its guests, like a generous hostess. Because it’s so scenic, it was a marvelous set for walking. At night, München truly glows! My favourite street is the glittering Maximillianstraße just off Karlplatz/ Marienplatz. But the best walk of all is Nymphenburg schlosspark where, during our visit, autumn leaves frolicked with forest creatures in the background.

A major factor in this positive touring experience is Münchner. They speak with melodious bayern accent that sounds warm and friendly, just like its people. Those I’ve encountered genuinely wanted to be friendly and cared a great deal about our experience, giving free recommendations along the way.

For many, the disney castle of Neuschwanstein is a must. But we had only 3 days and neither my brother nor I were too crazy about hiking up another steep hill for a photo op (The interior of the castle was never finished because the King died. The pull factor for me personally was his relationship with Wagner, which wasn’t documented on the castle exteriors). I’ve read up quite a bit about the history and if we had more days we would give it a tour. But we definitely missed out the little towns surrounding the castle.

Here’s my intenerary:

Where we lived –
Rotkreutzplatz, Neuhausen

Must see around the area (Neuhausen) –
Rick’s Cafe
Nymphenburg Castle

Day 1: arrival – stroll around marienplatz

Busy Marienplatz

We arrived in the evening after taking dinner. So upon check in, we decided to take a light stroll from Stalinger Tor towards Marienplatz. This is a shopping street with a handful of historical building thrown in. It ends at Marienplatz, which is the main tourist attraction. Marienhof.

Day 2: walk to schloss Nymphenburg, BMW Weltz, Pinathoek, and walk around odeonplatz.

The Nymphenburg castle was just a stone’s throw away from where we lived. So in the morning, we walked along the canal. There were benches by the sides of the canal for strollers to rest. One of my biggest regrets was not prepared with a cuppa and bread on hand. There were flocks of ducks, geeze and swans crusing the canal for live entertainment.

Inside the castle’s compound

Another highlight for our trip was the BMW Welt. It has something for everyone. My robothead brother happily browse the cars’ technical information. As for me, I was completely taken by the fluid architecture designed by Coomb Himmelblau.


BMW Weltz by Coomb Himmelblau

I wish the Pinakothek was great but half of the wings was being rennovated. More of a minimalist and abstract expressionism fan myself, I didn’t pay enough attention during art history class to appreciate Flemish and Gothic artworks. That being said, I was still completely taken by Raphael’s Madonna Tempi, which was etherial.

Day 3: erdinger brauerei

The air around Erdinger Brauhaus smells like Horlicks!

The highlight of our tour was Erdinger Brauhaus. To get there, we had to make reservations in advance and travel to the town of Erding. It’s a small industrial town with beautiful little shops and many cafe/pubs marked Erdinger Weißbier.


This is where all Erdinger beer was made, bottled, aged and sent for distribution. Not only the tour was a well of information, we also got unlimited beer tasting from their 9 beer collection.


The beers come with Bavarian white sausages and pretzels, all for the cost of €12.


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